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September 5, 2001

New 'Slingshot' Ride Now Open at Six Flags Darien Lake

Darien Center, NY -- Six Flags Darien Lake recently opened a new thrill ride to the general public. The "Slingshot" will be open through October on a trial basis to offer additional thrills to guests while obtaining their feedback regarding the ride. So far, the ride has received a great response, said Public Relations Manager Lisa Grisanti-Cabrera.

The new ride, "The Slingshot" from Funtime Industries, based in Austria, is no ordinary amusement ride. Catapulted vertically while sitting in the bubble-like, two-seated launch capsule, passengers are suddenly propelled more than 200 feet in the air at over 80 mph! At the start of the ride, the launch capsule tilts back putting the passengers in a reclined position then hurls them upward by multiple steel cables and specially designed springs that cause the capsule to spring up and down and complete multiple flips.

"The Slingshot" adds to the park's thrill ride package which includes five roller coasters and the Skycoaster, and was installed in the park on a temporary basis to determine the reactions of park guests. "This innovative ride is one of the most exciting vertical rides available today. We're offering it on a trial basis to offer something new and exciting while determining how guests react to the ride. We want to know what they think" said Public Relations Manager Lisa Grisanti-Cabrera. Depending how guests react, "The Slingshot" may become a permanent ride in the theme park, she said. Shortly after the ride opened on August 17, there was a line of guests waiting to ride.

The new thrill ride is an additional-charge attraction ($20 per person) and is located near the park's main gate, visible from the park's main parking lot.