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September 27, 2000

Six Flags Great America Seeks Approval for New Coaster

Gurnee, IL -- Six Flags Great America has filed a petition seeking a height variance to allow for a portion of new roller coaster to reach a height of 180-feet.

According to the Village of Gurnee to the Conditional Use Permit for Six Flags Great America any structure that exceeds 125-feet in height, must follow zoning procedures for a variation including a public hearing. The Conditional Use Permit also restricts the park from building any structure taller than 310 feet in height.

The new roller coaster is planned to replace the venerable Sky Whirl attraction, the last-known, operating Intamin Triple Wheel in the United States. It is unknown what type of roller coaster the park intends to build, but among the speculation already is a Vekoma Invertigo.