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October 20, 1999

Chance Rides to Bring New Rides to Amusement Industry Expo

Cleveland, OH -- Chance Rides announced that they will be bringing an Inverter and an updated version of the classic Zipper to the Amusement Industry Expo, taking place October 26-28 in Cleveland.

The Inverter, an extreme thrill ride will turn riders upside down several times during the ride. Expo thrill-seekers will be lifted 50-feet in the air and then flipped 360-degrees. The Inverter at the expo will also feature a new brighter color scheme.

In addition to the Inverter, Chance Rides will also bring along the latest version of the Zipper, a classic carnival thrill ride. The updated version includes new img, a segmented cable-drive system, and a durable stainless-steel door with continuous hinge.

Expo guests are also invited to preview Chance Rides newest attraction, SlingShot. The new portable "drop and shoot" tower ride was designed in response to customer demands for such an attraction. Chance Rides has committed to making the SlingShot available for the 2000 season.