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October 11, 1999

Vekoma to Build New Roller Coaster At Orlando Hotel

Orlando, FL -- Kessler Enterprise announced that they would begin construction on a new entertainment complex at the Sheraton Studio City Hotel in Orlando.

Vekoma Roller Coaster OrlandoThe second expansion phase will feature a variety of restaurants and retail shops, as well as some exciting attractions in the form of thrill rides. Included in the second phase is a brand-new roller coaster named the Hammerhead Stall. This roller coaster will be the first-of-its kind in the US.

Designed by Vekoma International, the Hammerhead Stall will send guests up a tower 220-feet into the air. The car will then spin around, drop back down the tower and race up a 220-foot tower on the opposite side. Upon reaching the top, the car will again spin around and once again drop down.

According to Kessler Enterprises the Hammerhead Stall will be the flagship attraction for this phase of the development.

A second "wild mouse" style coaster is also planned for this phase and will be located on top of one of the buildings.

The rest of the development will consist of a variety of retail outlets and restaurants, including a themed restaurant. According Kessler Enterprises they are currently negotiating with a company in the auto racing industry, to build their first themed restaurant at the complex.

Picture of Expansion Phase Two