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October 6, 1999

California Ride Inspection Bill Becomes Law

Sacramento, CA -- California Gov. Gray Davis signed into law yesterday a bill requiring comprehensive yearly inspections of all thrill rides at every amusement park in the state.

The bill introduced by representative Tom Tolarkson (D), is in response to recent accidents at amusement parks in the state, including the most recent ride related death at Paramount's Great America.

The new law requires that a state-certified engineer perform an annual safety inspection of all amusement park rides. Previously rides at permanent amusement parks were not inspected by the state, only traveling attractions.

In addition, parks are now required to report all serious injuries or deaths to the Department of Industrial Relations. That department also has the authority to shut down all rides that are determined to be unsafe.

Also under the new law parks will be required to carry $1-million in liability insurance, provide proper training to employees and will have to pay a minimum $25,000 fine for safety violations that result in death or serious injury.

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