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October 6, 1999

Dorney Park Seeks Changes to Land Zoning

Allentown, PA -- Residents of Allentown are once again up in arms over Dorney Parks latest request to consider a comprehensive zoning plan that would allow the park to build new rides in excess of 85-feet high.

The new plan presented to the South Whitehall Township planning board would re-zone the Dorney property into three separate zones, eliminating the current mess of building restrictions on the property.

The new zones would include a perimeter zone around the edge of the park, with a complete building restriction; a second zone around the park edges allowing for parking or rides and buildings under 30-feet; and the remainder of the park property would be zoned unrestricted.

If plan is approved at the planning boards next meeting, Dorney Park would then be allowed to build several new rides taller than 85-feet in the new unrestricted zone.

Local residents came out to the last meeting to voice their opposition. Residents who spoke primarily complained about the noise that comes from the park taller rides.

An attorney representing Cedar Fair, Dorney Parks parent company argued that the current zoning situation make it difficult for the park to compete against other amusement parks, since the all plans have to be revealed to the public in advance.

The South Whitehall Township planning board is scheduled to meet on October 21 to vote on the plan.