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October 25, 2001

Michigan's Adventure Announces Expansion Plans for 2002

Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Fair announced plans to spend more than $5 million to expand and improve Michigan's Adventure amusement park for the 2002 season. The plans include new thrill rides, new entertainment and improvements to the park facilities.

"The 2002 capital program at Michigan's Adventure will include the addition of seven new rides, and it will be the largest capital program in the park's 45-year history," reported Richard L. Kinzel, president and chief executive officer of Cedar Fair L.P. "The expansion will feature rides and attractions that have proven to be very popular at our other parks."

As part of the $5 million expansion Michigan's Adventure will built a new 40-foot tall hydroflume raft slide. The new slide combines the fun of water with the thrills of a roller coaster, as riders descend the flume.

In addition the park will add a nostalgic family train ride, Dodgem bumper cars, a kid's go-kart track and a themed children's dark ride.

The expansion also will include two popular up-charge attractions that are available at many of the other Cedar Fair parks. RipCord, a new 150-foot Skycoaster thrill ride will be constructed, along with a full-sized adult go-kart track.

"Continued reinvestment in new rides and attractions and the upgrading of existing facilities is a significant element in our long-term growth strategy," said Kinzel. "Michigan's Adventure is an excellent addition to the Cedar Fair family of parks, and these improvements emphasize our commitment to raise the park to a higher level of guest service and satisfaction."

Kinzel also noted that the park's improvements include a new catering facility and picnic shelter that will be able to accommodate groups of more than 3,000. And guest will also notice significant upgrades to the park's restrooms, signage and landscaping.

Fans of the PEANUTS gang will be pleased when the characters arrive at the park in a themed live entertainment show and gift shop. The new show and gift shop will feature Charlie Brown and all of the other popular PEANUTS characters. Cedar Fair has been introducing the popular characters in their parks since the purchase of Knott's Berry Farm in 1998.

Cedar Fair currently owns and operates six amusement parks in the United States including Knott's Berry Farm, Cedar Point, Valleyfair, Worlds of Fun, and Dorney Park. The company said that it would announce additional expansion and improvement plans for its parks in the near future.