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October 5, 2001

Fright Fest Begins Tonight At Six Flags Magic Mountain

Valencia, CA -- It's an Xtreme Park spooktacular this October as Six Flags Magic Mountain... Now the Xtreme Park just outside of Los Angeles transforms into a ghostly autumn spook zone for the entire family. Experience Deja Vu... in the dark! One of the most anticipated rides of the year goes lights out for one month only!

Fright Fest offers loads of costumed ghosts & ghouls, hair-raising live shows, electrifying street entertainers, monstrous mazes and a special area just for children. These thrilling Halloween attractions invade Southern California for four spooktacular weekends, October 5-7, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 & 31.

Back by popular demand is Brutal Planet...a terrifying trip through twelve demon-filled worlds and electrifying special effects that will terrorize even die-hard horror fans. After passing through the lair of the wicked controller, you are left on your own to wander the remains of the 6500 square-foot demented world of Brutal Planet. Brutal Planet will definitely satisfy the Halloween fan out for the scare of a lifetime, but it is not recommended for children under 10.

For the pint-sized set, Looney Tunes Spooky Town offers Halloween tricks and special treats. Kids join their favorite Looney Tunes characters in costume for the ultimate trick-or-treat experience. This is the centerpiece of Fright Fest's children's area, which includes an animal show, street entertainers and arts and crafts.

Spoktacular Mazes

Brutal Planet -- This 6500 square foot maze located near Batman The Ride offers brutal monsters, brutal chills and brutal thrills in a universe of unknown dimensions. Grab your boarding pass and prepare to be transported to a place where evil lurks and chaos reigns. We hope to see you back on earth... if you make it through the twelve demon filled lands! (Not intended for children under 10, ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.)

Willoughby's Haunted Mansion -- Beware, the bewitching hour has struck. This sanctuary of strangeness is Halloween horror at its best. Hair-raising terror awaits guests around each nightmarish turn and long twisting hallway. The fearful encounter features animatronics, gruesome monsters, camouflage rooms and much more. The mansion is situated high atop the mountain -- at Samurai Summit. (This attraction is not intended for young children.)

The Jokster's Hideout -- This is not your ordinary maze. There is no blood, no guts and no monsters. The goal is to sneak through the hideout to catch a peek of what projects the Jokster and his crew are working on. But watch your never know when a crazy clown will strike. Located next to the Flashback roller coaster.

More Fright Fest Entertainment and Activities

The Strongest Link - Celebrity Death Challenge - New! -- Experience one of zaniest Halloween spoofs ever created! Come see your favorite pop stars and movie celebrities get exactly what they deserve. Located in Riddler's Plaza. (Not intended for children under 14)

High Sierra Hypnotist -- An amusing show which stars the members of the audience. Guests who are chosen to be put "under hypnosis" will perform hysterical exploits never to be imitated "under consciousness." Performing at the Golden Bear Theatre.

Letourneau's Globe of Fear -- A 14-foot monsterous globe where three death defying motorcycles loop inside the globe at the same time. Performing nightly in Colossus County Fair near the base of the Superman The Escape tower.

Street Shows and Entertainers -- The Ghoul Patrol is out in force stalking Gotham City Backlot and Samurai Summit adding to the mysterious atmosphere while the Galloping Ghoulmet mixes up a witch's brew of absurd entertainment in the Roadkill Kitchen atop Samurai Summit. Mad Chad, the Chainsaw Juggler, will perform his daring routine at the Looney Tunes Pavilion.

Xtreme Park Thrill Rides

Climb aboard the mighty Colossus and challenge it while riding backwards, a Fright Fest exclusive. Colossus is one of the largest, most celebrated roller coasters in the world and by popular demand it's back running backwards.

Ride in the dark on Deja Vu, Goliath, The Riddler's Revenge and Freefall. Take a spin on the new super boomerang roller coaster Deja Vu or conquer the giant Goliath running completely in the dark for Fright Fest.

Bugs Bunny World

Twick or Tweat! Fun crafts and games in a pumpkin field setting provide creative excitement for the entire family. Its pint-sized thrills for the pint-sized set in this Looney Tunes town designed for the little ones. Enjoy the numerous photo opportunities with Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes pals, and see what special treats they have in store. Complimentary trick or treat bags for all children ages 10 and under.

Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain begins Friday, October 5 and runs weekends (Fridays through Sundays) through October and Wednesday, October 31 Halloween. The park opens at 10:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm during Fright Fest.