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October 2, 2001

FearFest Begins Friday at Paramount's Kings Island

Kings Island, OH -- FearFest, the Midwest's largest haunted event, opens this Friday at Paramount's Kings Island. This special ticket event to celebrate Halloween will run for eight spooky evenings in October.

Even if you escaped FearFest last year, will you survive its hideous, shocking and even more gruesome reincarnation in 2001? Nothing can prepare guests for what lies in store for those willing souls who visit the Midwest's largest and scariest haunted event, with seven all-new haunted attractions and seven of the world's most frightening rides.

FearFest reappears for only eight horrific nights with even more grotesque haunted attractions and additional thrilling rides to truly terrify and torment all who dare enter. Also new this year is a discount for advanced ticket purchases, available at participating Cincinnati and Dayton area Blockbuster stores. Evade crazed clowns in the Midwest's only 3-D haunted attraction, flee through the outdoor Trail of Terror, get interactive with Elvira(R), "Mistress of the Dark"(TM), and struggle to find the way out of an icy cold, dank maze before those lurking behind the next turn find you!

FearFest overtakes the park Friday, October 5, operating from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. every Friday and Saturday for a total of just eight evenings in October. Shrieks of fear from the all-new haunted attractions will echo throughout the bleak park, from Action Zone, through Coney Mall [or is it Maul?] down to Rivertown.

FearFest attractions this year include:

House of Darkness -- A traditional gothic haunted house patterned after a once opulent Victorian manor beckons brave souls inside. Even though the building is in ruin, the rumors of strange inhabitants persist throughout the darkened home. With a devilish wink and foreboding laugh, a hooded figure ushers you into this dark gothic castle. Creeping through the corridors, guests enter one t-t-t-terrifying room after another. Doors within this dominion of the undead open and shut at random. Now there is no turning back from the frightening adventure that lies ahead.

Circus of Horrors -- This one-of-a-kind 3-D nightmare, exclusive to FearFest, brings the circus to town. But looking through the dusty glass window of the ticket booth it becomes obvious that this is not your run-of-the-mill Big Top. A pair of lifeless legs dangles from a withered body above as it sways in the breeze. Passing through the entrance, the doors slam shut. This thrilling and frightening adventure threatens to challenge not only perception but also guests' sanity.

The Maze of Madness -- As the sound of footsteps echoes through the park, guests draw nearer to the particularly awful asylum known as The Maze of Madness. Chain link and mirrors make up this challenging, icy maze. The very sight of its rusting, iron-hinged door makes stomachs moan and intestines knot as guests look through the cracked entry portal. Don't be surprised if you never find your way out. Fear not; someone...or something is sure to find you.

Curse of the Crypt -- A classic tale of horror takes guests on a claustrophobic journey through the catacombs of a ruin where the Mummy is brought back to life in search of revenge. Passing from hallway to hallway they stumble on horrific rituals in progress. Moldy mummies bolt from the shadows, trying to collect you and other unsuspecting victims preserving the occasion in their own way.

The Trail of Terror -- Night has fallen on the old trail leading into Kings Island's woods. Trudging down this darkened path overgrown with weeds and trees, guests tumble into the heart of darkness. Those brave enough to investigate help authorities search for a group of missing campers; but behind every rock some hideous creature may be hiding, fiends waiting for just the right moment to catch victims unaware. Zombies in advanced stages of decay emerge from the bushes and wander mindlessly along the trail in search of new life. Loud, frantic screams fill the air leading to a place where nightmares are born.

SUPERSTITION -- The Paramount Action FX Theater transforms into an old theater promising frightfully interactive entertainment featuring the one and only Elvira(R), "Mistress of the Dark"(TM). Elvira invites you inside her virtual "Scream Park" for the ride of your afterlife. It's full scream ahead, as you screech and scrape through Elvira's thrill ride, the likes of which no living being has ever seen.

Sleepy Hollow -- The only open pathway to The Beast, this foggy area transforms before guests' very eyes. Nightmarish figures begin to parade from the shadows, moaning and laughing ominously. What is going on? As if to answer the question, a maniacal laugh surrounds guests and a bodiless voice intones pure fear. Then just as guests think they are safe, out of nowhere zips a Creeper! With metal flashes and scraping tin, brave guests struggle to evade these monsters and reach the other side.

Meanwhile those looking for a different kind of thrill can test their bravery on some of the most terrifying rides on the planet, including The Beast(R), Son of Beast(TM), DROP ZONE(TM), Flight of Fear, The Vortex, Adventure Express, and the Racer.

FearFest admission is $19.99 in advance or $24.99 at the gate. Season Pass holders can purchase FearFest tickets for $16.99 in advance, $18.99 at the gate. Those visiting the park on any Saturday in October can upgrade their general admission ticket to include FearFest for $18.99.

Tickets for FearFest can be purchased in advance online at or by calling (800) 288-0808, at the return visit booth inside the park or at participating Cincinnati and Dayton area Blockbuster stores.

Guest costumes are not permitted and attractions in FearFest are designed to be frightening. The event is not recommended for young children, the faint of heart, or anyone who doesn't enjoy getting scared.

For more information about Paramount's Kings Island, visit the park's web site at