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October 24, 2000

Setpoint Honored With Industry Innovation Award

Ogden, UT -- Setpoint, Inc. has been given the World Waterpark Association's Industry Innovation Award for the year 2000. The award is for Setpoint's Flying Super Saturator, built for Paramount's Carowinds Amusement Park in North Carolina.

The ride is one version of Setpoint's unique Swing Thing design -- a mid-ranged, mid-priced roller coaster adaptable to any theme. It combines the aquatic thrills of a water ride with the exhilarating speed and excitement of a smooth gliding suspended-track roller coaster.

The World Waterpark Association announced Setpoint as this year's winner
Friday at its annual symposium, in San Antonio, Texas.

"We feel honored to be recognized for this award. It represents a unified effort by engineers and executives to produce an innovation that we feel will change the face of the amusement park industry forever," said Joe VanDenBerghe, President of Setpoint, Inc.

The Flying Super Saturator is the first ride ever to incorporate a roller coaster with interactive water ride features. Riders are propelled through a series of rain curtains, water geysers and blasts from patron-operated water cannons. Those waiting in line can pelt roller coaster passengers with steady streams of H2O. But riders are not left defenseless. Equipped with 4 gallons each, riders can release a wet revenge on would-be attackers below initiating a full-blown water war.

Water effects for the ride were designed in collaboration with SCS Interactive. Another version of the Swing Thing is a Jurassic Park based ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

Setpoint has been named to the Utah 100 as one of the state's fastest growing companies for three consecutive years. The company was also named one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine.

Setpoint was founded in 1992 and has experienced 627% growth over the last four years.