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October 18, 2000

HyperSonic XLC Begins to Appear At Paramount's Kings Dominion

Richmond, VA - Construction has begun and steel supports and track have started to appear behind-the-scenes at Paramount's Kings Dominion for HyperSonic XLC, the one-of-a-kind, air-launched roller coaster coming to the park in 2001. Park guests during the last Fall bonus operating day - Sunday, October 22 - will get an insider look at early construction of the world's first air-launched roller coaster which is "on track" to open when the park begins it's 2001 operating season on March 24th, 2001.

As daily park operation ended this season, construction crews moved in and began preparing the area where the thrilling new coaster will be built. Their first task was to disassemble the popular "Scream Weaver" swing ride which will reappear in a new location in the park next season. Next, the first cement "footers" were measured and poured.

Full-time park employees were excited on Monday morning, October 2nd when they found four 18-wheelers lined up at the park entrance gate carrying sparkling white track, supports and cross-beams. Just the first shipment in a convoy of nearly 60 tractor-trailers that will carry HyperSonic XLC from the design facility, S&S Power in Logan, Utah to the park in Doswell, Virginia. The staff's excitement for HyperSonic XLC was evidenced by the excited talk around the halls of the administration building that day.

Just a day earlier on October 1st, the park was visited by nearly 60 coaster enthusiasts from the Florida Coaster Club who enjoyed Exclusive Ride Time on the park's popular Volcano, The Blast Coaster. Following an exhilarating hour on what is still the world's fastest suspended roller coaster, the group enthusiastically made their way to the Paramount Theater where they were given a special preview of HyperSonic XLC. An animation of the ride was shown followed by a presentation by WTVR News 6 anchor Rob Cardwell from Richmond. Cardwell showed installments of a series of reports being done by the Richmond CBS affiliate entitled "Building An Extreme Coaster." Following the in-depth reports, the group was able to ask the park's ride experts detailed questions about every aspect of HyperSonic XLC. Topics ranged from the unique pneumatic tires, the specially designed restraint system, and even the color of the trains!

Meanwhile, letters, phone calls and e-mails continue to stream into the Paramount's Kings Dominion offices all asking about HyperSonic XLC. Long-time associates agree that HyperSonic XLC is easily the most eagerly anticipated attraction that has ever been built at Paramount's Kings Dominion.

Check out early construction of HyperSonic XLC during the final Fall bonus day - Sunday, October 22nd! "footers" were measured and poured.

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Photos courtesy of Paramount's Kings Dominion. All rights reserved.