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October 6, 2000

Dania Beach Hurricane To Hit South Florida This Month

Dania Beach, FL -- Roller coaster enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the completion of South Florida's only wooden roller coaster, Dania Beach Hurricane. This powerful Hurricane is going to hit the area in early October and its effects will continue year round.

Dania Beach Hurricane is already fully formed, and its coordinates place it on I-95 next to the Boomer's complex, between Griffin and Stirling Roads, just south of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The 100-foot height of Dania Beach Hurricane and wind speeds of 60 mph will blow you away, while racing around the 3,200-foot long course. Dania Beach Hurricane general manager, Andy Hyman, states, "Wooden roller coasters
are probably one of the safest rides in the world. While this coaster was designed with fast turns, huge drops and a lot of 'out of your seat' negative G-force to maximize the ride, we have also incorporated the latest
in state- of-the-art safety equipment."

Business partners, Damaso Saavedra and Jules Ross, feel Dania Beach Hurricane will contribute substantially to the increasing tourism business of South Florida, as well as appealing to novice and local coaster enthusiasts. "We are committed to this community and we are in the process of developing promotions, corporate partnerships and fundraising events,"says Ross. "The opportunities for the coaster are incredible."

Dania Beach Hurricane has donated rides on the first two trains to United Cerebral Palsy Associations in South Florida. This organization is accepting the top twenty-eight bids for the coaster's inaugural run. These thrill seekers will experience the adventure alongside two celebrities. Join Dwight Stephenson, NFL Hall of Fame member and former Miami Dolphin, as well as WPLG- ABC 10's Todd Tongen. Mario Freixas of National Distributing Company,
in Deerfield Beach, has secured the second train by purchasing thirty seats from United Cerebral Palsy for $3,000.

If you or your company would like to bid for a ride on the inaugural run, call 954-584-7178. For further information on opening dates, hours of operation and tickets visit

Dania Beach Hurricane Facts

Height: 100 feet

First Drop: 100 feet

Top Speed: 60 mph

Length: 3,200 feet

Number of Trains: 2

Designer: CoasterWorks