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November 17, 1999

Morgan Manufacturing to Build Record Breaking Coaster

Morgan Manufacturing announced that they will build the world's longest and fastest full-circuit steel roller coaster at Nagashima Spaland in Mie, Japan. The new coaster will also be the company's tallest, fastest and longest coaster ever designed.

The new hypercoaster will open in August 2000. The ride features a classic "out and back" layout, with a 300-foot plus initial drop that will accelerate the trains to speeds in excess of 90 mph, as they begin a journey along more than 8,000 feet of track.

"All of us at Morgan are very excited about the opportunity Nagashima Spaland has given us to supply this incredible coaster for the year 2000," said Dana Morgan, President of Morgan Manufacturing. "This new ride clearly will push the envelope considerably as compared to our exciting 200-foot tall, 5,600-foot rides, particularly in terms of sustained, ultra-high speed experiences."

The Spaland coaster begins with a trip to the top of the massive lift hill, which is followed by an incredible first drop. During the initial drop the trains will accelerate to a top speed of over 90-mph.

After the initial plunge riders will experience a "weightless" sensation, created by negative G's as they travel over the second hill. The train will again reach an incredible speed of over 80-mph as it descends the second drop.

At the top of the third hill, the train will enter a high-speed spiral section of track traveling at over 70 mph. In this element the train will dive towards the ground and race into a horizontal or slanted loop, that will rise up into a high-banked section of the track.

Following the spiral the train will drop and twist to the left into a large fan turn, which leads into a low, fast spiral turn. The return section of track will include eight hills and seven dips, which will deliver plenty of airtime before the train returns to the station.

The Spaland coaster is designed by Morgan's senior ride engineer Steve Okamoto and Morgan's in house engineering team. The coaster will incorporate a new track design to accommodate the increased speeds and forces. Also, the coaster will feature a redesigned train and wheel configuration.

"We have expended considerable effort, both in design and our in-house manufacturing, to insure that this new ride will maintain the smoothness and safety we are known for and still increase the overall excitement considerably." according to Morgan.

The Nagashima Spaland coaster will be located at the north entrance to the park and will span almost the entire length of the park, making it visible for miles.