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November 17, 1999

Iwerks and Stan Lee Media to Create Theme Park Attractions

Burbank, CA -- Iwerks Entertainment, Inc., an international leader in specialty entertainment attractions, and Stan Lee Media, comic book icon Stan Lee's global branded Internet entertainment content production and marketing company, will post another mile marker in Web history by creating the first theme park and specialty attraction experiences for the out-of-home market, based on Stan Lee's Internet entertainment content.

As globally branded original entertainment content created for and published on the Internet begins to migrate to traditional media and merchandising venues other than the Web, Stan Lee Media and Iwerks are joining in pioneering the application of Stan's original web based super hero franchises to Iwerks ride simulations, 3D/4D FX(TM) attractions and giant screen entertainment destinations.

With the Q1 2000 global launch of Stan's first super-hero franchise in twenty five years, the creator of Marvel Comic's most popular super heroes including Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk among many others, will add his first New Millennium Global Super Hero Team Franchise, the Internet based 7th Portal, to his unmatched universe of evergreen branded characters.

"Everyone is trying to figure out the promise the Internet holds for their industry," said Chuck Goldwater, Iwerks' president and chief executive officer. " Stan is a global pop culture icon, and the 7th Portal will reinforce that status as Stan helps to transform the Internet -- and theme park rides -- in much the same way he transformed comic books and animation. This content can help Iwerks leverage the promotional and marketing power of the Internet to bring people to our clients' entertainment attractions worldwide."

Iwerks brings a track record of superior specialty attraction development, technological expertise and distribution channels to the relationship as the alliance creates an out-of-home market for Stan Lee Media properties through the development of turn-key ride simulations, 3D/4D FX(TM) specialty attractions, Giant Screen films and other entertainment destinations.

And Stan is no stranger to theme park rides, having fathered the newest, and most popular, computer enhanced ride attraction in the world, with Universal's Islands of Adventure's Amazing Spider-Man ride, hailed by critics as the greatest theme park ride attraction in the world.

"I can't wait to wow audiences around the world with my 21st century Super Hero franchises, produced larger than life in 3D and immersive experiences, with Iwerks' magic technical artistry." enthused Stan, chairman and chief creative officer of Stan Lee Media. "Using the Internet to launch and evolve my new stories and characters will offer a daily incentive to our 'users' everywhere to experience the real world ride experiences drawn directly from our animated, episodic Internet stories."

The first Iwerks project scheduled in association with Stan Lee media, for 2000, is the development of an attraction based on The 7th Portal, Lee's first team of Super Heroes for the 21st century. It will feature a team of fourteen original Super Heroes and Super Villains that represent the first truly global team ever created, with innovative Internet links and tie-ins. With Iwerks' presence at theme parks and other entertainment venues throughout the world, the global appeal of the 7th Portal is a perfect fit in both creative and marketing terms.