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November 12, 1999

Two Teens Charged For Vandalizing Theme Park

Williamsburg, VA -- Two teenage boys were charged with burglary and felony destruction of property after causing more than $100,000 in damage to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, during a vandalism rampage.

According to local police the crime was found on Sunday, November 7. The two 13-year-old individuals attempted to start the Apollo's Chariot roller coaster, broke park windows, and spray painted walls. The two also stole a variety of merchandise from the park souvenir shops.

The police report that nearly all of the acts committed by the two were caught on park security cameras.

Park security and the police caught the two on Sunday as they were scaling a fence returning to the park. The two boys are being held at a detention center following a bond hearing. A court date will be set for later this month.