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November 11, 1999

Six Flags Magic Mountain Unveils Goliath Facts

Ride Description

Complimenting Six Flags Magic Mountain's world-class coaster collection, this coaster GIANT takes riders on a 3-minute adventure beginning with a near vertical 61-degree first drop into a 120 foot-long underground tunnel shrouded in total darkness. Guests then emerge at 85 mph climbing 100 feet above the mighty Colossus before heading into a series of intense high-speed banked turns, camelback hills, huge spiral curves and "zero gravity" drops. Looming 255 feet in the air the blazing orange track sits high above the Six Flags Magic Mountain skyline.

Goliath Facts

First Drop: 255 feet

Angle of Decent: 61 degrees

Top Speed: 85 mph

Track Length: 4,500 feet

Ride Capacity: 1,600 riders per hour

Height Restriction: Minimum of 48-inches tall to ride.

Manufacturer: Giovanola of Switzerland

Goliath Features

700-foot long Camel Back with "floating G" area, 120-foot long underground tunnel filled with smoke, spiral curve, carousel curve, and high-speed curve


Three five-car 30-passenger trains, with two abreast seating.

Safety Systems

Computer controlled fail-safe air breaks and trains with lap bar restraints to assure proper ride speed and rider comfort at all times.

Opening Date

The tentative opening date is early-spring 2000. Goliath will be the first new roller coaster to open next year.

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