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November 11, 1999

Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces Another Giant

Valencia, CA -- Another "GIANT" is in the making as Six Flags Magic Mountain announces the addition of GOLIATH - an all-steel mega coaster with pure attitude. It's BIG ... it's BAD ... it's FAST ... it's full of GIAGANTIC surprises and it's on track for an early spring 2000 debut, only at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles.

"Six Flags has never been a company to rest on its laurels," noted Del Holland, vice president and general manager, Six Flags California. "As the industry leader in big thrill ride experiences, we must continue to push the envelope and give our guests what they want ... the biggest and the best. And I must say, Goliath will most definitely live up to that reputation as the first giant thrill of the new millennium!"

Goliath LogoTowering 255-feet above the earth, the massive steel superstructure will have one of the world's tallest drops and at speeds of 85 miles per hour, it will be one of the fastest roller coasters of modern day. Combining traditional coaster thrills with a few new devilish twists, Goliath will send riders on a 3-minute "non-stop" high speed adventure over 4,500 feet of steel track with daring "butterflies-in-your-stomach" plunges, huge sweeping spirals, zero-gravity "floating" hills and drops, and the 120-foot tunnel shrouded in total darkness for the thrill of a lifetime!

"With the addition of Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain's roller coaster arsenal now reigns as the most impressive in the world," said Paul Ruben, North American Editor of Park World Magazine and noted roller coaster historian. " Goliath will be the icing on the cake, the perfect compliment to their amazing collection -- if it's been invented it's at Six Flags Magic Mountain."

Goliath LogoSeated two abreast and strapped into sleek fire-orange trains, riders will climb 26-stories into the sky -- reaching high above the infamous Colossus and nearing the unrivaled peak of the awesome Superman The Escape. However, the heart-pounding rush will begin as riders get their glimpse of the beckoning "dime sized" black hole that awaits their awesome 255-foot plunge to the ground ... and beyond. The near vertical 61-degree first drop will send riders racing at speeds of 85 miles per hour into total darkness as they accelerate through the smoke-filled 120-foot-long under ground black hole.

As they darkness gives way to light, guests will emerge maintaining intense speed as they race into a giant sweeping turn, where steel coaster technology meets legendary wooden coaster fame soaring 100 feet directly up and over the mighty Colossus! Looming 200 feet in the air, riders will "float" as they pass over a series of breathtaking camelback hills and ascend into a high-speed spiraling curve, followed by a carousel dive before turning back into the station.

"When people think of thrills, hands down they think of Six Flags Magic Mountain and Goliath will definitely reinforce that reputation!" added Holland. "It's gigantic entertainment at its best and fitting for the turn of a "new" century!"

One of the largest capital investments in the company's history, the blazing orange and teal monster stands as the centerpiece attraction of Colossus County Fair home to the legendary Colossus roller coaster.

Designed and engineered exclusively for Six Flags Magic Mountain by Giovanola of Monthey, Switzerland, Goliath is the newest addition to the theme park's second-to-none mega-coaster arsenal now featuring 13 of the world's top coasters including: The Riddler's Revenge - the world's tallest, fastest stand-up coaster, Superman The Escape - the only coaster on the planet to break the 100 mph speed barrier, Colossus - the tallest wooden coaster west of the Rockies, Batman The Ride - a legendary feet-dangling inverted thriller, Viper - still the world's tallest looping coaster, Ninja - the West Coasts' fastest suspended roller coaster, Psyclone - a replica of the classic Coney Island woodie, Revolution - the world's first 360-degree looping roller coaster, and more.

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Goliath logo courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain. All rights reserved.