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November 2, 1999

Disneyland Offers Southern California Resident Pass

Anaheim, CA -- Disneyland officials announced Monday that they will begin to offer a $79 annual pass for Southern California residents. The new pass is priced at $1 more than two single day passports to the park.

The Southern California resident pass will replace the discontinued $99 regular annual pass. The park also announced that they would offer a senior version of the resident pass for $75.

The Southern California resident pass is lowest priced pass every offered, beating the regular annual pass by $20. But in exchange for the lower price, the number of blockout days has increased from 60 to 120.

The new pass includes admission to the park on all operating days except for the 120 blockout days. But the park announced that they would now offer Deluxe and Southern California passholders the option of purchasing a one-day admission to the park on a blockout day for only $20.

Disneyland officials announced that effective immediately they have discontinued the regular annual pass, but current regular passholders will have the option to renew once more.

Other changes to the annual passports include an increase in the number of blockout days on the deluxe annual pass from 30 to 45 days. The price from the deluxe pass will remain the same at $129. The premium annual pass remains unchanged at $199.

Disneyland Flex tickets which were upgradable to an annual pass may now be upgraded to only the Deluxe and Premium annual passes and single days passports can be upgraded to any of one of the annual passes.