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November 1999


November 17, 1999

New Theme Park Based On Trees to Open in 2001
Northern California -- A new theme park Bonfante Gardens, currently under construction in Northern California is slated to open in 2001. The new park will be themed around the trees, a change from most traditional parks, which are themed around characters, trends or world locations.

Bonfante Gardens will feature the regular mix of attractions, including rides, food, entertainment and shopping. The park is slated to open in 2001.

Six Flags St. Louis Expected to Announce New Coaster
St. Louis, MO -- Six Flags officials are expected to announce a new wooden coaster for the year 2000 in the upcoming weeks. The new wooden coaster will be built by Custom Coasters, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio according to Amusement Today. The new wooden coaster will be more than 5,000 feet long and feature a 100-foot plus double first drop.

November 8, 1999

Disneyland to Begin Using FastPass
Anaheim, CA -- Disneyland is planning to use the much-anticipated FastPass system later this month. According to park sources, FastPass will be introduced on one Fantasyland attraction in November. If all goes as planned, the system will be started on three more park attractions in December.

Sources say the attractions likely to get the FastPass will be Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, two of the park's most popular rides. Other potential candidates include the Rocket Rods, It's A Small World Holiday, Indiana Jones and Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin.

The FastPass system is currently in use at three of Disney's theme park in Florida. According to reports, the system in place on selected attractions in Florida has been well received by park guests.

Lake Compounce to Offer Off-Season Tours of Boulder Dash
Bristol, CT -- Lake Compounce is offering a monthly tour of the Boulder Dash construction site, to those who are interested in viewing the coasters progress during the off season. A park representative will conduct the tours on the second Saturday of each month from November through April. Interested folks should meet at the park administration building at 10:00 am on the scheduled dates.

Legoland to Build Suspended Family Coaster
Carlsbad, CA -- Word is out that Legoland will build a new suspended family roller coaster in time for the summer of 2000. The new attraction is expected to be built adjacent to the parks other roller coaster, the Dragon.

Jazzland Begins Discounted Season Pass Sales
New Orleans, LA -- The new Jazzland Theme Park which is scheduled to open in May 2000, has begun selling season passes at a special reduced price at local Winn-Dixie food stores. The passes entitle the passholder to unlimited to visits to the park in a season and are on sale for $59.99 for an individual, or $199.96 for a family of four. The special prices for the passes, which are being promoted as the "hot-ticket" are good through December 31, 1999.

November 4, 1999

Holiday World Ended 1999 Season with Record Attendance
Santa Claus, IN -- Holiday World reported that it finished its 54th season on October 10, with an all-time record attendance of 564,373 visitors. This seasons numbers were up 3.7 percent over the attendance figures in 1998.

Riverside Releases Report On Blizzard River Accident
Agawam, MA -- Riverside Park has released a report on the Blizzard River accident, which injured six individuals in early August. The report concludes that the currents in that section of the river caused the accident that flipped one of the eight passenger rafts. According to the report the park has modified the riverbed to change the currents in that section. The park planned to reopen the attraction for the parks final operating weekend October 30-31.

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