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November 27, 2001

IAAPA: 2001 New Product and Best Exhibit Awards

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Orlando, FL – On Wednesday, November 14 the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) presented the 2001 Exhibitor Awards during the association's 83rd annual convention and tradeshow in Orlando.

This year's tradeshow called the "largest ever" featured a number of outstanding exhibitors, sporting attention grabbing booths and exciting new products introduced to the industry. First Place Awards were given out for the Best Exhibit and Best New Product in various categories.

LifeFormations animatronic character display won a First Place Award at IAAPA for Best Exhibit. More photos...
Grabbing the attention of nearly all attendance were the animatronic characters in a display by LifeFormations. This impressive exhibit received a First Place Award for LifeFormations for Best Exhibit.

Four all too-real animatronic characters were hard to pass by and at moments spooky for being a tad to realistic. Two singing and dancing characters put on quite a show, while two more an adult and child poised as if in the audience looked on.

Other First Place Awards for Best Exhibit were given to Perky's FoodService Concepts, Inc., HEIMO and Prophet Systems Innovations.

Fourteen companies received First Place Awards for Best New Products introduced to the industry this year. In order to win the new product had to be in use at an amusement facility this past year.

In the major theme park ride/attraction category S&S Power, Inc. of Utah claimed the award for their "Thrust Air 2000" roller coaster. This new state-of-the-art launched roller coaster that uses compressed air to accelerate the trains to impressive speeds. The first Thrust Air model opened earlier this year as HyperSonic XLC at Paramount's Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia.

Premier Rides, Inc. received a First Place Award in the category for new technology applied to amusements. The new lap used design used on the Outter Limits Flight of Fear roller coasters at Paramount's Kings Island and Paramount's Kings Dominion earned them this award.

The new lap bar design has since been applied to Batman and Robin The Chiller roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. It was mentioned at the show that Six Flags will continue to retrofit their remaining Premier coasters with the new lap bar by the start of the 2002 season.

The American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) "Guide To Ride 2000" publication received a First Place Award in the service category. This well-done publication features information and photos of nearly every operating roller coaster in North America.

Park guests will likely be eating some new soft pretzel treats at more parks this coming year. J&J Snack Foods Corp. earned a First Place Award for their tasty "Pretzel Fillers." This new snack food is J&J's normal soft pretzel, but inside filled with nacho cheese, sweet apple jam or some other tasty filler. A gathering of attendees could be found nibbling on these new treats at J&J's booth this year.

NBGS International won two First Place Awards, one for their "Interactive Sandcastle" in the kiddie ride/attraction category and another for "Transportainment" in the waterpark ride/attraction category.

Lintec International received a First Place award for their "Twin Seater Electrocart" in the category for family entertainment center attraction.

First Place Awards were also given to companies with new products in the following categories: coin-operated kiddie rides, games, merchandise, revenue and admission control, show production and entertainment, display and sets and equipment and supplies.