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November 26, 2001

Cedar Point Announces Plans For 15th Roller Coaster

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Point announced plans to build a new roller coaster with a "twist" for the 2002 season. The new 200-foot plus roller coaster named Wicked Twister will debut when the park opens in May as the world's tallest and fastest "double twisting" impulse coaster.

Wicked Twister Roller Coaster Cedar Point

This new state-of-the-art thrill ride will use the advanced technology of linear induction motors (LIM) to accelerate the riders out of the coaster's station and up the 215-foot vertical spikes at a maximum speed of 72 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

One 32-passenger train suspended from the steel track will be propelled forwards and backwards, up and down, the U-shaped track with 450-degree twisting corkscrews atop each vertical 215-foot tower. With "twists" on both towers Wicked Twister will be the first and only coaster of its kind in the world.

Thrill seekers will challenge Wicked Twister next summer by being launched forwards from the station halfway up the first 90-degree 215-foot-tall tower before pausing, reversing direction and accelerating into the station where the train will be thrust nearly all the way up the second 90-degree vertical tower.

The coaster will be launched out of the station five times, three forward launches and twice backward, while reaching the apex of each tower as it picks up speed from the LIM propulsion system. Wicked Twister will be the first roller coaster at the park to use a launch system, instead of traditional lift hill to gain momentum.

Wicked Twister is currently under construction on the east side of the Cedar Point peninsula. The new thrill ride will run along the historic beach and stretch on both sides of the Giant Wheel.

Cedar Point announced that Wicked Twister will be the 15th roller coaster to join the park's impressive collection. Next year, Cedar Point will again be able to stake claim to having the most roller coasters in one park. A world record the park will share with Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles.

Wicked Twister will also be the third roller coaster in the park to stand more than 200-feet tall and Cedar Point is the only park in the world to have three coasters exceed 200-feet. In 1989 Cedar Point's Magnum XL-200 was the first roller coaster in the world to break the 200-foot mark. In 2000 the park soared to new heights with the 310-foot tall Millennium Force.

The new roller coaster amounts to a $9 million investment and is part of $13 million in improvement package for the 2002 season that also includes a new Snoopy ice skating show and other park improvements.

Roller coaster designer and manufacturer Intamin of Switzerland is building Wicked Twister and the new attraction is expected to debut when Cedar Point opens for the 2002 season in May.

Wicked Twister Facts

Type of Coaster: Double-Twisting Impulse

Height: 215-feet

Vertical Drop: 206-feet

Track Length: 2,700 feet

Angle of Towers: 90-degrees

Angle of Twist: 450-degees

Top Speed: 72 mph
(First launch forwards 50 mph, Second launch backwards 63 mph, Third launch forwards 69 mph, Fourth launch backwards 72 mph, Fifth launch forwards 62 mph)

Launch System: Linear Induction Motors

Ride Vehicle: One - 32-passenger train with eight 4-passenger coaches

Capacity: 1,000 riders per hour

Investment: $9 million

Manufacturer: Intamin of Switzerland

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Wicked Twister artwork courtesy of Cedar Point. All rights reserved.