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November 20, 2001

Cedar Fair Announces Capital Improvements for Cedar Point

Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Fair, L.P. (NYSE: FUN), a publicly traded partnership which owns and operates six amusement parks and five water parks, has announced plans for $13 million in capital expenditures for the 2002 operating season at Cedar Point, located on Lake Erie between Cleveland and Toledo, including a world-class roller coaster and a PEANUTS-themed ice show.

Richard L. Kinzel, president and chief executive officer, reported that the centerpiece of Cedar Point's 2002 capital program will be the world's tallest and fastest "double impulse" roller coaster. "This new thrill ride, named Wicked Twister, will be Cedar Point's 15th roller coaster, and it will be the eighth world-record-breaking ride the park has introduced since 1989," said Kinzel.

Wicked Twister will use linear induction motors (LIM) to smoothly launch passengers out of the coaster's station at a maximum speed of 72 mph in 2.5 seconds, propelling them halfway up the ride's first 215-foot-tall tower before briefly pausing and then reversing and accelerating up a second 215-foot-tall tower. The coaster will continue to propel its passengers up and down its U-shaped steel track a total of five times - forward three times and backward twice - during an intense 40-second ride. Atop each of the 215-foot-tall towers, passengers will "twist" through spiraling 450-degree corkscrews to add to the excitement.

Commenting on Cedar Point's other big capital project for next season, Kinzel said, "In 2002, we will also be focusing our capital spending on families with the introduction of a PEANUTS-themed ice show that will feature Snoopy and four other popular PEANUTS characters." The new 30-minute ice extravaganza will be called "Snoopy Rocks! On Ice" and will be located in the former Cedar Point Cinema building that previously hosted the park's IMAX film presentation.

"The 2002 season will be an exciting one at Cedar Point," added Kinzel. "Wicked Twister will reinforce the park's position as the thrill ride capital of the world, and 'Snoopy Rocks! On Ice' will introduce a brand new type of family entertainment to the park. Including the $13 million in capital expenditures for the 2002 season, Cedar Fair will have invested more than $120 million in Cedar Point over a five year period."

The Partnership previously announced a $5 million capital expenditures program for the 2002 season at Michigan's Adventure, located near Muskegon, Michigan, which will feature the addition of seven new rides and attractions, as well as various upgrades to its picnic, merchandise and restroom areas.

Kinzel concluded by explaining that capital expenditure plans for the 2002 season at the Partnership's other parks are in the process of being finalized and will be announced in the near future.