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November 14, 2000

Cornball Express Coming To Indiana Beach For 2001

Monticello, IN -- Custom Coasters International announced that they will build a second wooden roller coaster at Indiana Beach amusement park for the 2001 season. The ride dubbed the Cornball Express will be squeezed onto Indiana Beach's densely packed property among a number of other attractions.

Cornball Express LogoStraddling numerous flat rides, and hugging the park's Jet Star steel roller coaster, this new 2,100 foot long roller coaster will be a superb addition to Indiana Beach's ride package. The coaster will feature a steel structure with a wooden track like the Hoosier Hurricane, a larger coaster build by Custom Coasters in 1994.

Cornball Express will be unlike any other roller coaster in existence, according to Custom Coasters. This ride will actually travel within the structure of another roller coaster, the Hoosier Hurricane. Cornball Express is designed for the whole family with wonderful drops, tight turns, bunny hops and a helix.

The ride commences as the train leaves the station and travels through the structure of the Hoosier Hurricane as it approaches the lift, which is aligned with the Hoosier Hurricane's lift. While climbing passengers are given a new view of the park.

At the top of the lift riders will be hurled down a large twisting drop squeezing between a building and the parks log flume. After narrowly missing the flume's spray, they ride into a large curving hill, getting the first dose of zero-gravity airtime.

Climbing once again over other structures, the train zooms past the high turns of the Jet Star, nearly within reach. Without further warning, the riders are once again lifted off their seats as they float down one of the ride's largest drops along Lake Shafer.

The continues immediately climbing into the structure of the Hoosier Hurricane and takes a sharp left, plunging into the depths of the Hurricane's steel structure. Shooting out of the structure, the riders fly by many children's' rides on a wild, undulating path.

Without a chance to catch your breath the train enters an exciting helix with powerful lateral g-forces. The ride then concludes with two bunny hops delivering more airtime before the train rides into the structure of the Hoosier Hurricance to enter the break run.

Cornball Express is sure to become a classic family attraction to be enjoyed over and over again at Indiana Beach. The Cornball Express at Indiana Beach is slated to open in the spring of 2001.