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November 26, 2000

Paramount's Kings Island Files Suit Over Roller Coaster

Kings Island, OH -- Paramount's Kings Island has filed a lawsuit against three companies over the construction of the park's newest roller coaster, Son of Beast. The suit claims that the design of the looping wooden roller coaster contained defects and insufficient support structure.

According to the lawsuit the park claims the companies are to blame for the bad design and poor construction which forced the delayed opening and numerous closures during the season.

The companies named in the suit are the Roller Coaster Co. of Ohio, Wooden Structures of Georgia and Univeral Forest Products of Ohio. The companies were hired to design the ride, provide structural engineering and supply the wood for the new coaster.

Son of Beast was a sore spot for the highly anticipated year 2000 season at Kings Island. The park was forced to close the roller coaster numerous times to perform necessary track work, which resulted in negative publicity for the park.