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November 24, 2000

Knott's Berry Farm To Build 180-Foot Sky Coaster

Buena Park, CA -- Knott's Berry Farm plans to build a Sky Coaster to thrill park guests in 2001. The plans for the 180-foot tall attraction were approved by the city of Buena Park during their meeting on November 8.

According to the plans the Sky Coaster will be located on a plot of land formerly occupied by the Haunted Shack, behind the Charles Schultz Theater. A large steel arch and 180-foot steel tower along with steel cables will be constructed on the site to form the ride.

The attraction designed and built by Sky Fun will cost the park approximately $1.5 million and is expected to be open in time for spring break.

Knott's will not be the first park in Southern California to feature a Sky Coaster thrill ride. Six Flags Magic Mountain and Pharaoh's Kingdom in Redlands already have these popular attractions at their parks.

Sky Coaster's is an "up-charge" attraction, requiring a fee above the regular park admission price to ride. The average price for a "fight" on a Sky Coaster is $45 for a single rider or approximately $20 per rider if three individuals fly at once.

The Knott's version will not be the tallest in the world. In neighboring Nevada the Sky Coaster at the MGM Grand Adventures theme park stands over 240-feet tall, but the tallest is located in Kissimee, Florida, standing over 300-feet.