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November 17, 2000

Jazzland Unveils New Roller Coaster For 2001

New Orleans, LA -- Jazzland will welcome a new addition in late Spring 2001. A suspended looping coaster will add plenty of twists and turns to the Pontchartrain Beach section of the park.

Manufactured by Vekoma, the new coaster will suspend riders in pairs catapulting them through a dizzying course of thrilling flight. The suspended looping coaster is a relatively new type of coaster which comes in a variety of styles. It is one of the most popular additions to successful theme parks.

The suspended looping coaster, in addition to Zydeco Scream÷ a boomerang-type coaster; the Muskrat Scrambler - a dizzying experience; Rex's Rail Runner - a family-style coaster; and Mega Zeph - the park's signature wooden coaster, makes Jazzland a coaster lover's dream come true. Plans to name the new coaster are underway.

Suspended Looping Coaster Facts

Height - 98 feet

Top Speed - 55 mph

Length - 2,172 feet

Inversions - 5

Designer/Manufacturer - Vekoma International