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November 12, 2000

Six Flags Theme Parks May Operate La Ronde Park

Montreal, Quebec -- The city of Montreal, Quebec is currently in talks with Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc. to finalize a deal to lease La Ronde amusement park starting next season. According to a French Canadian newspaper, Le Droit the city has been considering offers to lease or acquire La Ronde from Paramount, Cedar Fair, Park Asterix and Six Flags.

The deal according to the paper calls for Six Flags to lease La Ronde for 40 years at a set price and invest approximately $50-million (US) in capital improvements in the initial three years, including a hotel and other new attractions. Six Flags would also be required to invest another $15-million (US) in upgrades and renovations to the current property and existing attractions.

If the city selects Six Flags, La Ronde will become the first amusement park in Canada to be run by Six Flags.