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November 3, 2000

Cedar Point Earns Awards From Ohio Travel Association

Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Point amusement park, home to more rides and roller coasters than anywhere else in the world, was recently honored with two Ruby (Recognizing Uncommon Brilliance) Awards and a Citation of Excellence distinction at the Ohio Travel Association's (OTA) Conference on Tourism. In their third year, the Ruby Awards acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements in advertising, marketing and public relations within the Midwest travel and tourism industry.

The Ruby Award entries were judged on the elements of breakthrough, impact on the audience; relevance, whether the campaign was effectively directed to the audience's needs, values and interests; focus, instant recognition of the product; differentiation, whether the product stood out from the competition; and action, whether the audience would be moved to act on what they saw.

Cedar Point was awarded Ruby Awards in the categories of Web Site and Radio Advertisement. In addition, Cedar Point received a Citation of Excellence award in the category of Marketing Campaign.

Cedar Point's Web site design company, Website Design & Development, Wadsworth, Ohio, along with the park's internal Webmaster, created the award-winning Web site, while Cedar Point's agency of record, Liggett-Stashower, Cleveland, devised the radio advertising campaign. The park's internal marketing team developed the marketing campaign, which featured the overall marketing efforts for the worldwide 2000 debut of the incredible 310-foot-tall, 93-mph Millennium Force roller coaster.

"We are honored to have been recognized by the OTA and our peers with the prestigious Ruby Award and Citation of Excellence honors," said John Hildebrandt, vice president of marketing at Cedar Point.

The OTA is the largest travel industry association in Ohio with more than 900 members. OTA's mission is to lead the Ohio travel and tourism industry and to promote hospitality and economic development.