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May 20, 1999

Six Flags Darien Lake To Reopen Roller Coaster

Darien Center, NY -- Yesterday state investigators gave park officials permission to re-open Superman The Ride of Steel this weekend, following last Sunday's accident in which a 37-year old rider fell out.

According to the investigators the individual who was described as being overweight, was too large for the coaster's lap bar restraints. Investigators from the park, state and ride manufacturer tried unsuccessfully to recreate the incident.

On Wednesday state investigators re-certified the attraction for operation, stating that they found no mechanical problems with the attraction.

As a precaution park officials said that they will be installing seat belts as a secondary restraint to prevent a similar accident from happening again.

Michael Dwaileeae, 37, of Orleans who fell from the train was lucky to have suffered only minor injuries. He returned home yesterday after being released from the hospital.

Six Flags Darien Lake officials said that the roller coaster will re-open Friday evening for a private event and will be running during park hours this weekend.

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