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May 6, 1999

Paramount's Kings Island To Announce Long Awaited Y2K Project

Kings Island, OH -- Park officials announced that they will be holding a media event and making an announcement regarding their year 2000 project on Tuesday, May 11.

The announcement was sent out to members of the media in the form of a black wooden box filled with fireball candies and screaming lollipops.

Park officials have remained tight-lipped about the project, which has caused coaster enthusiasts to begin speculate as to what it may be. Some enthusiasts are hopeful that the new project may be an enormous wooden coaster. Others are speculating that it may be a clone of the popular Superman the Escape attraction, a launched reverse freefall coaster.

At last month's media event for the opening of Face Off, Tim Fisher, vice president and general manager, refused to reveal any details, but instead teased the media by saying "The 2000 project is going to be the highest, fastest, and most marvelous ride here."