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May 4, 1999

Track Work Completed On New State-Of-The-Art Coaster

Santa Clara, CA - The final piece of track was installed last week on the unannounced new steel roller coaster at Paramount's Great America. The new coaster designed by Vekoma International, is said to be the world's first lie-down roller coaster.

Sources say that the coaster will use prototype trains to lie the passengers down. When riders load the trains the station it is said that they will be in the sitting position. It is after they leave the station that the new trains will work their magic.

The design of the state-of-the-art trains is being highly guarded. Last month a diagrams of the design briefly appeared on a web site before it was removed at the request of the manufacturer.

Assembly of the coaster track went at a record pace. Construction workers installed the final piece of track only a month after the initial assembly began. Sources say that the coaster may be operational by mid-June, but will more than likely not open to the public until 2000.

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