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May 3, 1999

Marine World's Roar Begins Initial Testing

Vallejo, CA - The new classic looking rolling stock for Six Flags Marine World's new Roar wooden coaster were placed on track last week, shortly before the initial test runs began on Friday.

Roar's new custom designed and built rolling stock is certainly unique compared to the wooden coaster trains that have been built in recent years. Some enthusiasts have said that the new single-bench cars are similar to classic Prior & Church trains on the PNE Playland coaster in Vancouver, Canada.

So far testing on Roar has been going rather well according to reports. One witness reports that the new twelve car trains have been running really fast. Roar is expected to open at Six Flags Marine World on Saturday, May 15.

To view recent pictures of the testing or the new rolling stock on Roar. Be sure to check out this web site