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May 3, 1999

Six Flags America Delays Opening Day For One Week

Largo, MD - Six Flags America officials decided last Friday, a day before the planned park opening, to delay the opening for one week. Officials apologized for the inconvenience and stated that the park will open on Saturday, May 8.

The last minute decision came as a surprise to some that were expecting to spend the day at the park on Saturday. Park officials did not offer an official explanation, but it is known that the park was not quite ready for opening day.

The park has been undergoing a huge transformation during the off season as it converts to the Six Flags brand. The entire front entrance has been redesigned and the park has added a lot of new rides and attractions, including an all-new Bugs Bunny World and two new roller coasters.

Several readers who visited Saturday to get their season passes processed, reported that many areas of the park still had a considerable amount of work left to be done. They stated that after visiting, they were not surprised that the park delayed the opening.