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May 24, 2001

Six Flags America Introduces Two New Guest Programs

Six Flags Fast LaneLargo, MD -- Adding to the excitement of a brand new season and the introduction of Batwing, the East Coast's only "flying" roller coaster, Six Flags America is expanding the fun. The theme park is increasing the amount of time guests can enjoy the park with two new programs: Fast Lane and Prime Time.

Zoom into the Fast Lane with no lines and no waiting. A new virtual queuing technology, Fast Lane is a free ride reservation system that replaces waits with a "virtual line." Simply visit the Fast Lane Reservation Counter on Main Street at the front of the park and make a reservation. Fast Lane assigns ride times for park visitors who can then return to the ride just minutes before boarding and eliminate the wait.

Fast Lane passes are available on a first come first served basis. Recipients must be present at the Fast Lane Reservation Counter to receive a pass.

Six Flags Prime TimeSix Flags America introduces Prime Time, an exclusive program for 2001 Season Pass holders and their Season Pass Value Book guests. Six Flags America will open a select themed area at 9:30 a.m. between May 26 and August 26, 2001 for these special guests only.

The areas of "Prime Time" fun include:

Mondays: Looney Tunes Movie Town.
Tuesdays: Batwing and select Gotham City rides.
Wednesdays: Two-Face: The Flip Side, Tower of Doom, Falling Star and Cyclone.
Thursdays: The Joker's Jinx and select Gotham City rides.
Fridays: Coyote Creek
Saturdays: Paradise Island Water Park
Sundays: Superman - Ride of Steel and select Gotham City rides.

Fast Lane and Prime Time logos courtesy of Six Flags Theme Parks. All rights reserved.