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May 8, 2001

Universal Studios Unwraps The Mummy Returns Attraction

Universal City, CA -- The mysteries of Ancient Egypt come to life at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 9 with the opening of the all-new The Mummy Returns: Chamber Of Doom, a monumental recreation of the ancient Egyptian ruins from the city of Hamunaptra inspired by the release of Universal Pictures The Mummy Returns, the sequel to the worldwide box office smash The Mummy.

Within the high walls that house this all-new interactive experience, guests will be ushered through a sequence of breathtaking and hair-raising adventures that duplicate those experienced by the movies heroes. More than three-dozen special effects have been designed for the attraction, which also features over 200 props seen in the film and several hundred artifacts created specifically for this new interactive experience from molds designed by the movies art department.

Passing through the inner sanctum of the mummy's tomb, guests will be transported through a vortex of tumbling rock to an encounter with the fierce presence of the mummy Imhotep. Moving deeper into the labyrinth, they'll navigate ornate Egyptian burial chambers, meeting creeping scarabs, a waterfall of scorpions and a giant cobra.

Other elements of the adventure include a narrow 50-foot long dilapidated bridge extending over a broad chasm spanning more than 30-feet across. Suspended in mid-air over flickering torches, sarcophagi and sword-fighting warriors, guests will teeter on the ominously creaking bridge which must be traversed before they can reach safety and the treasures of the Pyramid of Gold. They'll escape from the doomed pyramid through an elaborate airshaft slide that spirals around them and spins them out of the ruined structure.

With Egyptian statues and obelisks lining its facade like sentries, the new attraction also allows guests a close-up view of the original costumes, special effects, makeup prosthetics, movie mummies. An array of archaeological tools and hieroglyphic tablets used to decipher the mystery of the Scorpion King and the location of the Pyramid of Gold round out this extensive memorabilia collection.

Opening nationwide on May 4, Universal Pictures The Mummy Returns is directed and written by Stephen Sommers. The film is produced by James Jacks and Sean Daniel and stars Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Oded Fehr and Patricia Velasquez, and are joined by newcomer Freddie Boath and sports entertainment superstar The Rock as the Scorpion King.

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