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May 1, 2001

Make Way For a New Texas Legend at Six Flags

Six Flags Over TexasArlington, TX -- In the world of theme parks, there are roller coasters that are fast...others that are tall...and still others that are big. Rarely does one find a ride with all three attributes...until now! Six Flags Over Texas, celebrating its 40th year as the Entertainment Capital of Texas, today unveiled a roller coaster of such enormous size, strength and power, that it is destined to rule the theme park industry into the next millennium. Get ready to experience the Greatest Thrill on Earth...Titan!

Towering an amazing 245 feet above the earth, this magnificent steel superstructure stretches more than a mile in length propelling riders along the coaster at an unbelievable 85 miles an hour.

TitanThe journey begins as riders are strapped two abreast into sleek, aeronautically designed orange and teal trains. Then it's up and up and up until riders are perched 100 feet above the legendary Texas Giant. Above you, nothing but sky. Down below, a tiny dime-sized hole...and that's where you're headed! 255 feet into a tunnel stretching 120 feet long and shrouded in total darkness. But, you're moving so fast, the thrill is so intense that you don't even realize you're underground, and now you're climbing back up to the edge of the sky making a lightning fast 180 degree turn, speeding up a camel back hill, then twisting and turning through an inverted carousel, another helix, more high speed turns...this is what it feels like to fly! And, the feeling is so awesome, so amazing, you will never want this ride to stop!

"Titan truly lives up to its name. This roller coaster is in a class all by itself," said Steve Calloway, vice-president and general manager of Six Flags Over Texas. Never in the 40 year history of this park has a ride been so talked about, so highly anticipated. There's a saying that goes "Don't believe the hype," but, in the case of Titan, you better believe it! Titan will be the most popular ride at Six Flags Over Texas and is the centerpiece of our 40th anniversary season," added Calloway.

"Titan's first drop of 255 feet and 85 mph plus speed is the only ride that could have matched Six Flags Over Texas' 40th anniversary expectations. Texans like their rides big and fast. Titan will deliver bragging rights and much, much more," said Gary Slade, publisher of Amusement Today.

Six Flags Over Texas opened its gates on August 5, 1961 becoming the world's first regional theme park. The brainchild of Texas oil man, Angus Wynne Jr, the park was an instant success, pioneering such innovations as one price admission tickets, Broadway-style musical productions and introducing world class rides like the first tubular steel roller coaster, the Mine Train, the first-ever back-to-back looping coaster, the Shock wave, and the first modern parachute ride, the Texas Chute Out.

And now in 2001, the park that started a global enterprise, takes thrills and excitement to a whole new level with the opening of Titan, the largest, most powerful ride in the history of Texas. Are you up to the challenge?

Check out the 2001 Preview section for more information on Titan.

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