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May 10, 2000

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Makes Landfall On May 27

Jackson, N.J. -- Gale-force excitement spreads along the East Coast as the May 27th opening date for the all-new Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, located next to Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari parks in Jackson, New Jersey draws near.

The much-anticipated, sprawling, 45-acre Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park features 25 major rides and attractions presented in an extensive and elaborate tropical theme presentation unlike anything ever seen in the northeastern United States.

"You'll truly feel you've stepped away from the everyday into a tropical getaway bursting with more big-time fun activities than you could ever imagine," said Bill Muirhead, vice president and general manager of New Jersey's Six Flags.

New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman and popular cast members from the famed Gilligan's Island television show will join local officials at special events planned to officially mark the opening of the new water park-the third park built in the Six Flags entertainment complex.

Guests will discover wall-to-wall thrills from the mild to wild. Towering super water slide structures signal this is no ordinary remote tropical island. Wandering about the park in awe of its detailed theme presentation, guests will come upon some rather massive discoveries-all pleasant, however.

A dozen adventure-filled thrill slides soar into the sky; a gigantic, million-gallon wave pool beckons guests with its mesmerizing, lapping waves; a mammoth family interactive water play area evokes giggles and shouts of delight; while one of the world's largest adventure river attractions stretches lazily around the island, cradling a central village featuring an arcade, gift shop, restaurant, rental facilities, lockers and changing/bathing areas. These attractions and more comprise the storm-struck paradise known as Hurricane Harbor.

The lush landscape at Hurricane Harbor combines Caribbean, Aztec and Polynesian influences with fantasy and imagination. The overall theming concept is based on a remote, tropical island, as it would appear moments after being struck by gale-force hurricane winds, and tells the tale of an explorer named Copernicus.

The story begins in 1745, as a powerful storm leaves historian/adventurer Copernicus Potter stranded on this unique island, where he inadvertently discovers that the island's free-flowing waters offer the gift of eternal youth. In an effort to share his discovery with the world, Copernicus attempts to harness the waters. Pulleys and vines, gears and windmills, scaffolds, ramps and water wheels are the remnants of Copernicus' inventive efforts. But his attempts are futile -- the waters magically avoid the traps and continue to flow freely. More than a century and a quarter has flown by, and still the island lay cloaked in mystery - but its waters provide a quandary to a growing number of new explorers determined to prove the truth of the legend.

At the "eye" of Hurricane Harbor will be a gigantic, million-gallon wave pool -- The Blue Lagoon -- where guests can swim, float, splash and "ride the waves." The Taak It Eez Ee Creek is one of the world's largest adventure rivers where guests can grab an innertube and lazily float around and through waterfalls, geysers and mini-rapids while nestled in verdant landscaping. The "Creek" is so sprawling that also doubles as a park transportation system!

Candy for the soul and spirit, families will adore Discovery Bay, a 30,000 square-foot interactive water playground. An ideal hideout for kids of all ages, Discovery Bay features a giant treehouse water play structure, four slides and a kids' size wave pool. Over 75 water gadgets, climbing nets, water blasters and tipping buckets in many sizes that fill with water and tip to drench guests every five minutes will heighten the fun in this section.

Four colossal slide towers will rise above the park like skyscrapers and offer a dozen high-speed slides:

Juhranimo Falls, Cannonball Falls and Neptune Falls are ultra-thrill body slides providing the ultimate white water plunge! The tallest, an unbelievable seven stories, delivers a white-knuckle journey for the truly brave of heart. On its companion slides, guests will find themselves twisting and turning through curves and dark tunnels at a top speed of 40 m.p.h.

At a height of five stories, Wada Bada, Wada Wada and Wada Wow! are ominous and enclosed serpentine tunnels, while Boreas - The North Wind, Eurus - The East Wind, Zephryrus - The West Wind and Nortus - The South Wind are a combination of open-air and enclosed slides perfect for zooming on an inntertube at speeds near 20 m.p.h.

Families will thrill to The Big Bambu and Reef Runner -- enormous, 14-foot wide tubes, both six stories tall, that they can challenge together! But beware -- one will test their mettle, simulating a Level 3 white water rafting excursion.

Hurricane Harbor will also feature two dining locations, The Aquatopia Cafˇ and Kokookachoos Kafe, a major gift shop featuring SPEEDO(R) merchandise and an array of sundries, an arcade and ample changing, shower, restroom and locker facilities.

"This new, world-class water park is an ideal complement to the theme park and the safari park. Hurricane Harbor is the perfect escape from the hot summer heat, offering an oasis of cool, refreshing and exciting family fun. There is just too much to experience at all three parks in a day. Guests will need several days to do it all," Muirhead added.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor kicks off its inaugural season on Memorial Day weekend. The water park will also be open the weekend of June 3 and 4, and then open on a daily basis from June 10 to September 4.

General information, operation hours, pricing and season pass information may be obtained by calling 732/928-1821.

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