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May 10, 2000

Fun Facts About Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey

Jackson, N.J. -- Water, fiberglass tubing and concrete are the basic ingredients needed to build any water park. But it takes more than a several million gallons of water and two million cubic feet of concrete to build and operate the all-new Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in New Jersey, one of the world's largest water parks. Only the extraordinary imagination of Six Flags creators could design this exquisite, heavily-detailed tropical paradise without equal in the United States. It is a mathematical challenge of numbers·. huge numbers and lots of them!

Here are a few Fun Facts about Six Flags Hurricane Harbor:

- 30,000 feet of electrical wiring -- enough to span the length of 100 football fields.

- Enough fiberglass tubing (5,117 feet) to build a water slide more than four times the height of the Empire State Building.

- More than 400,000 feet of steel -- enough to build a beam that would extend from Philadelphia to New York City (76 miles).

- 732,000 gallons of water circulating through the adventure river, enough water to fill more than 22,000 bathtubs.

- 25,000 feet of water piping.

- There are 153 steps to the summit of the Juhranimo Falls speed slide.

- More than 6,500 lobsters, fish and starfish imprints are hand-stamped into the concrete walkways.

- 1,600 tons of boulders are used for dˇcor throughout the park.

- 5,100 gallons of water per hour cascade from the tipping buckets in Discovery Bay.

- 250 signs were designed and built by park craftsmen.

- There's enough sod (76,000 sq. ft.) to cover an entire football field, including the end zones and the sidelines.

- The Blue Lagoon wave pool produces approximately 3,600 waves per hour.

- Landscapers planted 2,373 trees as well as an additional 3,160 shrubs.

- 15,000 plants and flowers enhance the tropical atmosphere.

- 3,400 feet of roping are used -- the length of 113 football fields.

- 1,400 lounge chairs are located throughout the park.

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