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May 8, 2000

America's Favorite Thrills Comes to New England

Agawam, MA -- Six Flags, the world's leader in family fun and cutting edge thrills officially unveiled one of it's newest super-parks Six Flags New England with a grand opening ceremony on Friday, May 5. The grand opening represents the culmination of four years of improvements that has transformed what was once Riverside Park into one of America's favorite family theme parks.

"Over the past four years, we've watched Riverside grow into a world class park. It is with great pride that it now becomes Six Flags New England," said Tim Black, general manager of Six Flags New England. "Becoming a Six Flags park is a mark of excellence and achievement launching us into the stratosphere of family entertainment."

Six Flags New England opened with a special V.I.P community event on May 5, at debuting over a dozen new rides and attractions capping the park's four-year $100 million transformation. A brief dedication and grand opening ceremony was then followed by an exciting visual and musical celebration welcoming the new cast and crew of Six Flags New England.

New for 2000 is the SuperHero Adventures area featuring two new coasters including Superman Ride of Steel and Poison Ivy's Twisted Train as well as a 12-acre themed area with an air-conditioned restaurant that overlooks the Connecticut River. There's also the new Batman Thrill Spectacular stunt show with a new outside amphitheater, Looney Tunes Movie Town and Scream, a turbo drop ride unlike any other in New England.

Superman Ride of Steel

Superman Ride of Steel is an extreme steel hyper coaster that boasts the longest first drop on the East Coast. Superman does more that leap buildings in a single bound, it climbs 208 feet into the New England skies before rocketing back to earth and plunging 13 feet underground. After the record setting 221-foot drop, over 70 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty, riders are hurtled through more than a mile of twists and turns at speeds over 70 mph.

Batman Thrill Spectacular

This action-packed family stunt show features Batman, the Riddler and other DC Comics characters in an explosion of daredevil stunts, special effects and fireworks. With the help of the Batmobile, Batman battles villains in the brand new outdoor amphitheater.

Looney Tunes Movie Town

Complete with eight new themed rides for both kids and their parents, Looney Tunes Movie Town is where the famous Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny and friends, entertain guests. There's also the rocking and rolling music revue the "Chevy Venture Looney Tunes Rockin' Road Show " featuring everyone's favorite Looney Tunes friends. It's a show that's sure to get the entire family's toes tapping and bring smiles to the faces of kids of all ages.


The new mega-thrill complex comes complete with three towers of 20-story turbo drop rides. Scream is different from traditional drop rides because it actually rockets riders skyward before plunging them back towards earth.

Six Flags New England is located on Route 159 (Main Street) in Agawam, MA, between Springfield MA, and Hartford CT. Six Flags is located on the World Wide Web at

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