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March 25, 1999

Lake Compounce Unveils New Mountain Coaster

Bristol/Southington, CT - March 25, 1999 --Custom Coasters International, the premiere coaster builder in the world, plans to construct a new wooden roller coaster for the year 2000 season at Lake Compounce Theme Park. The 4,500 foot long coaster will be built on the mountainside among the rocks, boulders, cliffs, and ledges which form the western boundary of the park.

Park General Manager Tom Wages said the new $6 million wooden coaster will prove to be "one of the greatest white knuckle rides in the most spectacular natural setting." It will be, Wages said, "the first coaster to utilize the cliffs and natural rocky terrain of a mountain for the entire ride."

The coaster will have an initial drop of 115 feet while the overall vertical drop will be 140 feet. The ride will begin in the north end of the park near the Big Splash Log Flume and make its way along the rugged mountain terrain to the Compounce Mountain Sky Ride at the south end of the park.

"It will be a breathtaking ride," Wages said. "This new coaster at 'The Lake' will undoubtedly be an experience of terror and joy for both young and old alike." Wages noted that the coaster will create lots of so-called air-time, the part of the ride where riders are lifted out of their seats.

"Everyone remembers their first ride on a roller coaster and no one will forget the exhilarating ride on this new coaster at Lake Compounce. It will be fast, furious and fun."

Preliminary plans have been presented to Bristol and Southington town officials and Wages said he was "encouraged" by the response of community leaders. Lake Compounce straddles the town boundaries of Bristol and Southington in central Connecticut and the ride itself will be located in both communities. According to Wages, construction is scheduled to begin by early May.