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March 19, 2001

Perrier Named Official Bottled Water of Six Flags Parks

Oklahoma City, OK -- Six Flags, Inc., the world's largest regional theme park company, and The Perrier Group of America, the number one bottled water company in America, announced a new, multi-million dollar sponsorship agreement today.

"Combining the powerful Perrier Group brands with the strength of our Six Flags brand offers significant mutual benefits," said Kieran Burke, CEO and chairman of Six Flags, Inc. "The strong recognition and customer acceptance of the Perrier Group's bottled water brands among our guests add considerable value to the overall sponsorship. The Perrier Group's market leadership embodies the caliber of companies and brands we enjoy associating with in our sponsorship initiatives."

The Perrier Group markets bottled water nationwide under the brand names including, Poland Spring, Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Ozarka and Zephyrhills. The Perrier Group commands more than 30% of the market, making it the category leader in bottled water. Bottled water is the fastest growing segment in the beverage category with over 60 percent of Americans choosing bottled water for natural refreshment.

"The popularity of Six Flags Theme Parks allows us access to millions of current as well as prospective consumers of our regional bottled water brands. It also places our bottled water products in a fun and entertaining environment where high volumes of our products are consumed on a daily basis," said Kim Jeffery, Chairman and CEO of the Perrier Group of America.

As part of the sponsorship agreement, The Perrier Group's spring water brands will serve as presenting sponsors of several major water rides and attractions at Six Flags parks and receive frequent promotional recognition on Six Flags' nationwide in-park television network as well as on park guides, and at information kiosks scattered throughout the parks.

The agreement also gives The Perrier Group the right to be a supporting sponsor of Six Flags' Viva Latino event, a multi-layered entertainment event featuring Latin concerts, specialty foods and Univision novella and network stars. Viva Latino debuted last August at selected Six Flags parks around the United States, receiving rave reviews from guests.

"We are constantly searching for creative and exciting new venues and events where we can showcase our products. "Six Flags' Viva Latino celebration represents a unique opportunity to strengthen our reach into the rapidly growing Latin market, " said Bob Davino, Vice President of Marketing at the Perrier Group of America. "Our Perrier branded products will benefit from association with exciting events like Six Flags' Viva Latino."

Six Flags celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year. The first Six Flags Theme Park opened in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area as Six Flags Over Texas. Today Six Flags' presence extends globally with the addition in the past two years of three international Six Flags branded parks. The brand has risen to the top of the entertainment industry, consistently scoring #1 among several key demographic groups in recent brand studies. The company boasts more theme parks than any other theme park company.

"Our strategic alliance with The Perrier Group further strengthens Six Flags' many sponsorship agreements. Marketing alliances with companies like Perrier, AOL, Kodak and Chevy reflect successful leveraging of our Six Flags brand with existing strong consumer brands to create a beneficial market opportunity for all parties," commented Burke.