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March 13, 2001

Zoom Into The Fast Lane With No Lines at Astroworld

Houston, TX -- Six Flags Astroworld is going to eliminate your wait in line for your favorite rides this season. Introducing Fast Lane, a new, free ride reservation system offered on some of the park's most popular rides.

Fast Lane will save guests time by allowing them to make a reservation to ride Serial Thriller, Batman The Escape, The Ozarka Splash and Texas Cyclone. After making the reservation the guest will be given a designated time to return and ride, avoiding the line for the attraction.

Two years ago Disney successfully installed a ride reservation system called FastPass at the Disney MGM Studios theme park in Orlando. FastPass received rave reviews from park guests and is now in use on most major attractions at all of their theme parks.

The successful introduction of FastPass at Disney theme parks received industry wide attention. Last year Six Flags tested their own version of ride reservations on a limited basis at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. This year Six Flags Over Georgia, in addition to Astroworld will offer ride reservations.