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March 13, 2001

New Shows Add International Flair to Fiesta Texas

San Antonio, TX -- Known for its thrilling and engaging shows since 1992, Fiesta Texas has taken its "reflection of Texas" theme shows and evolved them into more enternationally influenced spectacles. Shows like Circo Magnifico, Carnival International and Teatro Fiesta will delight and entertain you with their dazzling, international flair. Experience these and many more new sensational shows for the 2001 season!

Fiesta Texas, renowned for its breath-taking rides, fun-loving characters, and captivating shows, continues its excellence in family entertainment by winning Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Award for all-around Best Shows in 1999 and 2000. Amusement Today, an internationally recognized industy publication, awards Fiesta Texas with the all-around Best Shows honor for the second year in a row. The Golden Ticket Award, which ranks excellence at North American theme parks, awards categories ranging form Best Landscaping, to Best Theming, to Best Non-coaster Ride, etc. Amusement Today ensured that each state was equally represented by dividing the country into for geographical regions with an equal number of judges in each region.

Continuing this excellence in shows tradition will be Circo Magnifico in the Zaragoza Theater. This presentation will leave you breathless with unearthly acts of strength, flawless balance and daredevil acrobatics. Imago, a Canadian born duo of arial acrobats, will dazzle you with their uncanny skill and precision as they demonstrate their circus artistry high abouve your heads. The aerial acrobatics of Darren Bersuk and Etienne Deneault make Imago an awesome and unforgettable experience you won't want to miss. A second act, Trilogy, will amaze you as they execute seemingly imossible feats of strength with effortless grace and balance. Painted silver to resemble moving statues, this muscular trio of two men and a woman lift each other into near impossible positions, demonstrating incredible strength and technique. Catch these one-of-a-kind Fista Texas performances May 25 to August 12.

Carnival International is a Festival of music and dance in a multicultural setting. While being treated to exotic cuisine in Sangerfest Halle, Mario and Lucinda Morin are just two of the several performers who will entertain you with dancing and singing. Having recently worked with Charleston Live Productions and Holland America Cruise Line, Mario and Lucinda will make your international experience come to life in a Mardi Gras, Holiday or Fiesta Fun atmosphere. Experience Carnival International March 10 to September 30.

Teatro Fiesta features some of the most talented, multi-cultural entertainers in the Lone Star State. The mariachi sounds of Los Caporales, the unique talents of Ronnie Garza and his Latin combo and the calypso tunes of a Steel Drum Raggae Band will provide the ultimate cultural experience March 10 to September 30. Join Fiesta Texas as we celebrate some of the state's most talented performers.