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March 9, 2001

Cheetah to Stalk Wild Adventures Beginning This May

Valdosta, GA -- After the conclusion of another record breaking year Wild Adventures announces two new attractions for the upcoming 2001 season. This year's expansion includes the addition of a new roller coaster and motion simulator theater, which is part of the park's 5-year, $50 million plan.

Cheetah, a multi-million dollar wooden coaster will begin stalking Wild Adventure's African Pridelines in May. One of two new rides this season, Cheetah will stand nine-stories and strech over 3,000 feet long. At its highest point, guests will be given a brief, breathtaking view of the massive ride before them.

Designed for the true thrillseeker, Cheetah will deliver a fast, powerful ride with speeds reaching in excess of 60 mph. The coaster will combine zero-gravity "airtime", large drops, sharp turns and a twister finale in a unique figure eight layout to complete a dynamic ride.

In addition, Wild Adventures will introduce the Wild Adventure Turbo Theater this season. This motion-simulator movie ride will kick off with the opening of the ride film Dino Island the Land Civilization Forgot.

Utilizing the magic of modern technology and amazing computer graphics, the realistic ride surrounds you with sounds and draws you into a magical world of animation. Over the course of a year the theater will display three different films including Elvira's Superstition, Dino Island and Secrets of the Lost Temple.

This year promises to be another exciting year for Wild Adventures. Cheetah and the Wild Adventure Turbot Theater together will become some of the park's most popular attractions this season.

Cheetah Ride Facts

Ride Manufacturer: Custom Coasters Inc. of Ohio

Height: 90 feet

Length: 2,800 feet

Top Speed: 55 mph

Layout: Out and Back

Opening Date: Late-May 2001