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March 22, 2000

Great America Launches Stealth First Flying Coaster

Santa Clara, CA -- For centuries man has dreamed of flying, freed from the cares of Earth, soaring through the skies like a bird.

Now that dream has come true.

For the first time ever, humans can fly as no mere mortals ever have. Welcome to Stealth, the world's first and only true flying coaster and an experience that will astound and awe.

Paramount's Great America, the thrill park in Northern California, will open Stealth for a season passholders-only event on Sunday, March 26 and to the general public on Saturday, April 1. For more information, call 408-988-1776 or visit the park on-line at

Developed and built at a cost of $17 million - making it the most expensive single investment the park has ever made - Stealth takes riders through 2,781 feet of curves, twists and turns at up to 50 miles an hour. The innovative ride includes eight inversions - the most of any coaster in North America. Riders will experience not just a ride but the unique experience of flying without floors, walls or other boundaries.

"Stealth is an incredible adventure that will shatter expectations and fulfill people's fantasies of flying, carefree and unfettered, through the skies," said Gayle Ando, the park's general manager and executive vice president. "With Stealth there is no doubt that Paramount's Great America is the leader in bringing unique, first-of-their-kind thrills to Northern California."

Designers and engineers from Vekoma International of the Netherlands and Paramount Parks spent more than four years creating Stealth, using the latest technology in computer modeling and planning.

"Like Leonardo DaVinci and others who tried to make human flight a reality, we faced many difficult challenges," said Roger Houben, chief executive officer of Vekoma. "Our experienced staff spent thousands of hours brainstorming, fabricating, testing and dreaming. We believe the final product will offer guests the chance to experience the freedom of flight in complete safety."

Guests on Stealth will board 24-passenger coaster trains, sit down and secure simple over-the-shoulder and knee harnesses. Guests are slowly tilted to a reclining position in their seats before the train departs the station and goes up the 115-foot, 30-degree lift hill backwards. The train then goes through the first inversion at the top of the hill so guests are flying facedown and headfirst, soaring toward the ground and then into the sky.

The sensation of flying is enhanced by the unique ride position, which offers guests breathtaking and virtually unobstructed views of the park. Guests see little of the immediate track or other riders and are continually surprised by the ride's twists and turns, three of which bring them within 10 feet of the ground.

Paramount's Great America features more than 50 thrill rides, coasters and other attractions -- the most and best in Northern California -- all free with park admission. Kids and parents will enjoy more than 20 family rides and attractions -- the most in the Bay Area -- at the only area park with Angelica Pickles from the Nickelodeon(R) Rugrats(TM), Blue from Blue's Clues(TM), Yogi Bear and Scooby-Doo.

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