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March 22, 2000

Stealth World's Only True Flying Coaster Fact Sheet

Design and Engineering: Vekoma International of The Netherlands
Construction DPR: Construction of San Jose

Lift height: 115 feet (more than 11 stories)
Lift angle: 30 degrees
Track length: 2,781 feet (half a mile)

Speed /forces
Maximum speed: 51 mph
Maximum G-force: 4.7 Gs (positive), 2.5 Gs (negative)

Ride Time
Total ride duration: (dispatch to dispatch) 2 minutes, 50 seconds

Ride duration
(top of lift to brakes) 65 seconds
Number of riders per hour: 1,000 (estimated)

Total inversions: 8 (the most of any coaster in North America)
Vertical loop: (one 68-foot-high inversion)
Corkscrew: (includes 2 inversions)
Horseshoe: (one 110-degree inversion)
Four 180-degree inversions

Train length: 48 feet long
Train capacity: 24 riders
Seating configuration: Four riders abreast in 6 rows
Number of trains: 2
Height/weight limitations: Seats can accommodate riders 52 inches to 80 inches tall, maximum
weight 265 lbs.
Seat Angles
In station (start of ride): 60 - 0 degrees
On top of lift: 30 degrees (angle of lift) as train enters curve At braking 0 degrees
In station: (end of ride) 0 - 60 degrees

Amount of paint: Dark gray (150 gallons)
Light gray (160 gallons)
Red (65 gallons)
Total: 275 gallons

Steel: 1,102 tons OR 22,966 feet of steel tubing

Total surface area: 39,600 square feet

Total number of parts: Approximatley 26,000

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