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March 17, 2000

Mighty Medusa Uncaged At Six Flags Marine World

Vallejo, CA -- She's purple, green and snaky and her twisting, turning track of steel reaches 150-feet into the air! In Spring 2000 at Six Flags Marine World, the thrilling legend of the mighty MEDUSA transformed into the tallest, fastest and most thrilling roller coaster in Northern California.

The immense loops, gigtantic drops and twisted, 4,000 foot-long track of this serpetine supercoaster are fashioned after the "snake-hair" of Medusa - the famous beast of Greek mythology. Once a beautiful woman, Medusa was punished by the goddess Athena for her indiscretions and turned into a hideous monster. She had hair of snakes and the power to turn men to stone with her electric eyes.

At Six Flags Marine World, those daring enough to enter MEDUSA's lair are in for the ride of a lifetime. The coaster's unique floorless design delivers an unrivaled feel of flying, as riders soar through the air at 65 m.p.h. on open-air, pedestal-like seats with legs dangling!

Medusa hurtles riders over a breath-taking 150-foot first drop and through seven enormous inversions, including a never-done-before set of back-to-back super loops called the "Sea Serpent."

Built by the Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard, Medusa is made like a Swiss watch by the Cadillac of coaster builders, roller coaster experts say. Paul Ruben, roller coaster historian, veteran of 535 different coasters and North American editor of Park World magazine, likens riding Medusa to "flying in an easy chair run amok"! On Medusa you're rarely in the upright position." The experience is fast and wild, but gentle, according to Ruben. "It's unrelenting and butter smooth. Every moment of the ride is pure fun."

Steve Urbanowitz, author of "The Roller Coaster's Companion: A Thrill Seekers Guide to the World's Best Coaster's" and publisher of the on-line magazine "RIDE!", calls Medusa the "finest steel roller coaster in the world."

Medusa is located in the northeast corner of Six Flags Marine World. It is the Park's fourth major roller coaster and by far the fastest, tallest and most technologically advanced yet!

"Medusa" is a blockbuster ride that will bring a new dimension of thrills to Six Flags Marine World, said Rick McCurley, the Park's general manager. "Medusa is the tallest, fastest, ultimate thrill flying machine in Northern California."

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