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March 8, 2000

Family Fun At Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom For 2000

Louisville, KY -- Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom rings in the new Mil-LOONEY-um with the announcement of new attractions for the 2000 season, including our new family roller coaster, Road Runner Express. From new rides to new shows, we're packing it all in for the new Mil-LOONEY-um at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom!

Road Runner Express is a first-of-its-kind roller coaster in the region. Specially-designed for a unique thrill, this coaster features eight (8) four-passenger cars that travel through the course of the track as individual units, as opposed to being linked together into a long train as with a typical roller coaster. This concept is guaranteed to give EVERY passenger the thrill and excitement of being in the lead car of a traditional coaster train.

"This brand new family thrill ride expands what we already offer families, further enhancing the park's total family package," says Melinda Ashcraft, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom's General Manager. "Road Runner Express is an exciting addition to our amazing line-up of roller coasters at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom."

The journey begins as the coasterĮ|s car takes its passengers up the lift hill at a height of nearly 50 feet. Once at the top, riders are then sent off into the three-tiered configuration with a long series of zig-zagging turns. As each turn is taken, riders will experience the thrilling sensation of going over the edge of the ride. However, just as the car arrives at the curve, passengers are spun around 180 degrees and head for the next deceiving turn. But it doesn't end there! On the next level, riders will experience negative G-forces and a couple of camel-backed hills before arriving safely back at the station. Road Runner Express is expected to open early summer.

Jet fighters' prepare for the ultimate adventure. Your training is now over and it's time to put your skills to the test. You have been chosen to save the planet from a giant meteor attack. Not only do you have to dodge the meteors, but beware of aliens trying to stand in the way of your mission. Good luckĮKthe life of the planet and of those living on it rests in your hands.

"Meteor Attack" is the newest feature film at Thrill Park Theater. This outer space thriller combines the latest in motion simulator technology with an unbelievable flight through outer space that includes all the twists, turns and drops of a traditional thrill ride. ItĮ|s guaranteed to make your stomach drop as you plunge hundreds of feet in a jet fighterĮKall while you're firmly planted in your movie theater seat. The movie premier for "Meteor Attack" will be on opening day, March 31, 2000, and will run through the end of September.

Saddle up the whole family for our brand new musical review, Warner Bros. Rockin' Country Show. This 30-minute show celebrates a century of country music from Warner Bros. music and movies, and features singers and dancers decked out in flannel shirts, cowboy boots and dungarees. Warner Bros. Rockin' Country Show will be shown several times a day throughout the season inside the Looney Tunes Amphitheater, mid-May through September 4, 2000. The show is free with your paid admission into Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

Is it the Looney Tunes Gang you want to see during your visit to Six Flags? Each morning when the gates first open, you'll get a chance to shake paws with Bugs Bunny, flap your feathers with Tweety, and waddle around with Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes Gang. Be sure to bring a camera and strike a pose.

Just in case you miss them at the front gate, be sure to catch the Looney Tunes Characters in Looney Tunes Movie Town for a daily street party! You're invited to sing and dance along with those Looney characters to "Dancing in the Streets","Everyday's a Party at Six Flags" and "Shake My Hand". With the street party happening each hour throughout the day, you'll have plenty of chances to meet your favorite Looney Tunes Character.

Be sure to join us at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in the new Mil-LOONEY-um for these exciting attractions and more.