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March 2, 2000

Pirates 4-D Construction Fact Sheet

Demolition: 95% percent of the demolition was performed at night so guests were not affected.

Recycling: Approximately 10 tons of rebar and concrete were recycled that ordinarily would have become landfill.

Acoustics: An acoustical engineer was brought in to create the special sound effects. The theater contains three layers of half-inch drywall, sound instal-lation and one-inch of acoustical panel. A typical home would have a single half-inch of drywall.

Special Effects Piping: Over one mile of effects piping using flexible water hoses and PVC ties all the seat effects together.

Theater Dimensions: The 15,300 square-foot theater holds 720 seats.

Screen Dimensions: The 50 foot-wide by 20 foot-high silver screen is nearly 3 stories high.

Design & Engineering SeaWorld San Diego: Patrick Owen, vice president

Architect: Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets (PGAV) St. Louis, MO

Theming Consultant: Suzanne Sessions, Inc.

General Contractor: Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.

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