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March 2, 2000

Pirates 4-D General Fact Sheet

Attraction: Pirates is a 4-D high-tech comedy adventure.

Opening: May 2000

Location: Mission Bay Theater, which replaces the Window to the Sea Theater, is on a third of an acre at the park's north end between the Fresh Water Aquarium and the Skyride.

Theme: Pirates whisks its guests to a Caribbean island where they become immersed in the hilarious misadventures of a hapless pirate crew and their wacky captain on a quest for treasure.

Special Features: The adventure features thrilling "in-your-face" experiences including a bat attack, an angry assault by hornets and a splashy seaward encounter.

Special Effects:
 1) Ricochet - a spark effect when a gun is fired,
 2) Water Cannons - spray comes from beneath the screen and
 3) Bird plop - warm water drops fall on audience.

 1) Buzz to simulate hornets,
 2) Blow air to simulate bats,
 3) Spray water to simulate waves and
 4) Each has individualized audio effects.

Glasses: Special 3-D glasses allow the images to appear to leave the screen and float above the audience. On screen images are approximately 10 times their regular size.

Soundtrack: Twenty-four speakers discreetly positioned around the theater broadcast in surround-sound. High-fidelity audio creates the sensation of action and enhances the apparent movement of objects throughout the theater.

Film Format: Five perforation - 70 mm film

Film Length: 17 minutes

Cast and Crew:
 Eric Miles, executive producer
 John Binkowski, senior producer
 Jim Timon, executive in charge of production
 Keith Melton, director
 Brian Rogers, producer
 Peter Anderson, director of photography
 Eric Idle, script

Film Credits: 17 minutes

Production: A Renaissance Entertainment and Creative Services Production, Orlando, Fla.; Busch Entertainment Corporation Creative Entertainment Division

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